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Beauty Kemistry is a premier Signature Salon & Spa sitting comfortably in a beautiful 4000 Sq. Ft facility located in Reynoldsburg Ohio. A company well-established with a passion for delivering customers with outstanding signature services in a peaceful and relaxing environment. We are committed to making our clients feel beautiful and well treated.

We specialize in professional Haircare, Bodycare, Skincare and Barber services tailored to a diverse client base which includes both men and women. We help you look and feel your best through our creative services and our brand of natural and high-quality hair and skincare products manufactured with attention to your beauty and hygiene.


Our deep cleaning clarifying line is designed to remove heavy buildup from hair and scalp. Excessive use of styling products can lead to clogged pores and dirt buildup on your hair shaft. Our system deeply cleanses without striping color or moisture from your hair. 


Whether you are new to the beauty industry or a seasoned professional, Beauty Kemistry Signature Salon has options to help you achieve your goals by providing tools for success. Click on the link below to learn more

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