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Lula MaE


Before opening our doors at Beauty Kemistry in 2018, sisters and co-owners; Katherine Carter-Sylva, and Neaka Carter-Camara were deeply rooted in the beauty industry since early childhood, due to an amazing woman by the name of Lula Mae Bowman who also is the Grandmother of Kathy and Neaka. She worked as a hairstylist and salon owner in Columbus Ohio.

Having grown up under our Grandma who owned her own salons for more than 45 years, laid the foundation for us to become who we are and we will always cherish the inspirational experiences, exposure to the salon business, and professional etiquette that she instilled in us.

We decided to become entrepreneurs so that we could innovate and showcase our talent to the world by creating opportunities for beauty enthusiasts and professionals to kick start their own brand.

Before the inception of Beauty Kemistry, we have owned salons in the Reynoldsburg, Whitehall, and Columbus area. We continue to expand our business, and now to a new location and larger facility with a vision to grow and extend our excellent services to a wider community of beauty-conscious people.

As a leader in the beauty industry, we have evolved, creating rooms for beauty enthusiasts to experience premium products and services at very reasonable prices. For every single client that visits our salon, we take great pride in surpassing their expectations and ensuring that they all leave fully satisfied and looking forward to their next visit.


We have come to realize the importance of building strong relationships with our clients, and today we have placed our clients at the heart of everything we do. We are thrilled to continually give you the very best right from the moment you step into our door. We aim to make you feel special through our friendly staff, while still creating a clean and warm atmosphere to give you an overall pleasant and enjoyable experience. Visit our salon today and let's help you enhance your natural beauty with excellent and outstanding services that you can hardly come by in the industry!

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